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A little something about me...

I live by one very simple philosophical phrase. Drink milk.

And I bet you’re wondering why. Well, allow me to explain. I am lactose intolerant and so by drinking milk, I inflict discomfort upon myself. but I absolutely love milk. There’s nothing in the world that can compare to drinking a cold glass of milk on a hot day (with the exception of an ice cold Coke) or having a mug of hot cocoa on a cold Californian winter night. And the more I drink, the more my body becomes accustomed to it but I have to keep it up (like working out, once I’m fit, I can’t expect to stay fit without exercising and eating healthy). I bet you know where this is going though.

Yes, do (eat) what you love even if there’s consequences. Don’t let consequences stop you from doing what you love. Of course, I don’t apply this to all aspects of life, but generally, the essence of the quote is something I live by.

And that goes with all faculties of creativity for me. Sometimes you have to take risks, even if that means short term hardships and maybe even possibly total failure. But I believe success comes with risks. calculated risks. High stakes risks. Mundane risks. And I dare you to live a portion of your life dedicated to risk.

I design "things" be it digital products or physical merch. I believe art is a universal language that is able to break through cultural, language, sexual, and time barriers. And communication is the key to the resolution of so much, the gateway to the discovery of new ideas, and finding creativity where you least expect it.

I am also trying to live a life that exemplifies Christ. I know I have failed and will fail in the future but knowing that the grace of Christ, and that I am absolutely unworthy of such grace yet am given such grace, allows me to continue on to live life and share with others how grace has transformed and is continuing to transform me.

Nothing is more powerful than being unconditionally forgiven and unconditionally loved.

1 John 4:18

A map of a few of the places I've traveled to.

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