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one additional feature that is specific to the gps live tracking is to also see any traffic, obstacles, construction, etc on any given path and you can warn others of the same issue ahead of them.


more than one person can send a dochak to the same destination so you can easily see everyone going to the destination in one view.


to track or to not track

when sending a dochak, the user can opt to either share their eta based on the arrival time or to full share their location via gps live tracking.

keep it fun.
keep it simple.
keep it intuitive.

this app's market strategy and core target groups were parents with children in school and family members. the goal was to create an app that didn't feel intrusive, that encourages you to share your location with trusted people, and gave a sense of security and a safety net when going to and from specified locations.

parents can see exactly where their kids are at, whether at school or friends, if they're taking the "normal" route home and friends can check to see their meetups etas without having to constantly ask "are you here yet?"

brand concept

taking inspiration of some of the bubbly, fun branding done by some of the hottest tech start-ups in korea, dochak, bridges the marketing gap by making the name easy to remember and fun in differentiating from what's in the market today.

logo explanation

in just 2 simple steps, you're on your way to your destination and the other party will be able to know when you'll arrive and get your whereabouts.



i wanted to create an app to be used between friends and family to track 2 or more parties and their ETAs on specific routes and destinations.

most map apps have this ETA functionality buried under its other core features and all are missing one or more aspects of what i need.


your friendly, neighborhood eta app


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