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Brand Brief

Lotus Wellness Inc is an alternative medical resource in the Greater Philadelphia area, led by Suzie Lee. Their goal is to educate and provide eastern medicine in an inviting environment.

The goal for the Lotus Wellness Inc brand was to not only stand out among the dozens of alternative medical practices in the vicinity, but also provide a cohesive and complete brand that speaks to those who are interested in trying out new treatment methods. This brand's goal was also to visually marry the ancient practice that has stood the test of time over thousands of years and the more recent acknowledgment by the scientific and medical community of its legitimacy.

In reaching the goal. Lotus Wellness Inc's brand successfully stands out from the crowd in its respected field while also giving a fresh and modern take on this age-old practice of healing and wholistic wellness.

Since the launch of this new brand, new patients and queries for Lotus Wellness Inc has increased over 8x over the span of 4 months and continues to grow at a healthy rate.

Logo Concept

How do you visually convey the gentleness, the beauty, the already thought engrained imagery of what a lotus flower is with fighting against the misconception of the practice of eastern medicine as “unscientific”, hokey, neutral at best? And how do you do this in a manner that’s both elegant and bold, breaking the stereotypical concepts of what a lotus logo should look like?

Well, this is how this was solved.

Models: Kevin (forgot his last name) and Wade Chan.

I am deeply grateful and blessed to have a client who completely trusts me and my branding vision and implementation of it even if I do change my mind over the process of building, refining, and refining even more to bring this to life.

Granted, the entire scope has not come to full fruition yet, but we are moving towards that and in time, I'm excited to see this brand, business, and idea grow.

Thank you Suzie at Lotus Wellness. You've been extremely patient with me and are one of a rare kind of client that I know some designers will never gain in their entire career. And you've been a supportive friend. here's to the future success of your business.

Lotus Wellness

Lotus Wellness

We will literally feel your pain

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