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to build from start to finish, a complete, comprehensive branding and ux language for a brand new a.i. platform product aimed at businesses with large, complex ticket handling processes and data heavy content.


a direction for the brand language was chosen so we explored specifically within that particular perspective. this was done with refined mood boards and moving from pencil/pen and paper sketches to digital comps.

brand design process

after the user has uploaded their dataset into the platform, they are taken to a screen where they manually annotate each datapoint in the dataset.

the screens below show the admin's screen to see the progress of each sme and how their annotations stack up against other sme's. these screens also include a notification / feedback interface that allows the user to click and drop comments in the reports which then pings the appropriate user.

annotation interface


the brand this case study is designing for is an a.i. platform with an emphasis on machine learning aimed to be used by companies with b2b sales/services. this product is one of many within the products developed and marketed within this company.

the ux and branding problems that this product faced was that the ui was not designed in conjunction of its development and with little emphasis placed on ux, the beta product, though received positive reviews for its potential, failed with usability.

we designed the ux around the customers, who are not engineers or designers. it will be mostly used by the accounting side of the business therefore must be extremely easy to use and navigate. the target group must have include those with little experience in using a computer to those who are technologically savvy across all age groups.


ai for manual annotations


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