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Sojourn is a multicultural, multigenerational, immigrant-focused community of Christians in the pacific northwestern region near Seattle.

The goal of this project was to create a unique and inviting brand that clearly communicates the aspects of Christianity and openness without compromising the tenets of the Gospel.

As the name suggests, "Sojourn" will aim to attract immigrants and children of immigrants to a community of Christians with the perspective of being neither "here" nor "there. “sojourner” has been used to translate the Hebrew גר (singular) or גרים (plural) in the Bible. this Hebrew term and its translation convey the basic idea that a person (or group) is residing, either temporarily or permanently, in a community and place that is not primarily their own and is dependent on the “good-will” of that community for their continued existence.

With all this in mind, the approach had to encompass a multitude of concepts and layers of meaning, while still being clean and simple.

Business card

The Logo

This is the primary version of the sojourn logo. The horizontal layout of the logo mark and logo type balances each other out without having to resort to symmetry.

The top version of the logo lockup uses overlapping gradients to create depth in the logo and is best used in larger viewing mediums or formats.

This logo is to be considered first-use in which whenever possible, must be considered to be used as the primary version of the logo over the secondary (vertical version) of the logo lockup.


Logo Deconstruction

This logo incorporates all of the three elements into a single, simple, easy-to-read and understandable icon mark.

Not only does this icon include all of the three primary elements, the totality of this icon adds an extra two meaningful visual elements: purity/ royalty (in the color gold) and “infinity” or forever being in Christ.

The Raleway typeface was
specifically chosen to strike a visual balance and harmony between the organic, soft curves of the logo mark with its more geometric forms and clean edges.

Logo Variations

These are the secondary versions of the Sojourn logo lockup. In both instances, the logo mark and logo type are stacked center-aligned to fit within the confines of a square or circle frames.

The left version of the vertical logo lockup uses the gradients to create depth and can be used in most instances. The right version of the vertical logo lockup is the flat golden cross and can be used in all instances where the gradient version is not feasible (i.e. website favicon, marketing material with a complex and busy background).

The vertical version of the logo is to be used when the horizontal version cannot be used (either due to spacing constraints or logo text size).


Make it uncluttered and easy to navigate with the most important details at the top level of the website.



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