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robocop 1987 + robocop 2014

ex machina

the martian

ghost in the shell



vol: I

blade runner

tron + tron legacy

a tribute to sci-fi: vol I

an ode to some of my favorite science fiction movies of all time.

granted, there are still many, many movies that are missing from this project, I know (i.e. the star trek and star wars series). but this is just part one of a personal on-going project. i hope to find enough time to add them all to what i envision is a fitting, personal expression of my love for science fiction films, an old pastime of mine of collecting stamps, and love for simplistic, black and white design and creative work all in one. they’re not in any particular order.


a tribute to sci-fi

for the stamp collecting nerd in me.

a tribute to sci-fi

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