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Project Brief

Timeline: 1 quarter
Team: Daniel (PM), Gavin (Infra), Mike (Infra), Edward (Infra), Alexey (FE), Alex (FE)
My role: Product Designer

Problem Statement

As the platform continues to grow and expand, the company signs with larger legacy institutions with strict data controls requirements that enables specific roles, workspaces, and policies CRUD (create, read, update, delete) permissions required the platform to build out features to address some of the data access controls. Larger institutions with varying sizes of teams with differing levels of ICs and managers need specific custom roles to match their specific permissions requirements. This would be a ground up build for the company with little to no gates to secure data in the current iteration.

With only 1 quarter to deliver the bare minimum infrastructure to support grouped role access, design needed to think ahead into the future for a more complex and customizable role hierarchy.

Baby Got Back! RBAC

Baby Got Back! RBAC

Putting security at the tip of petty admins fingers [Coming Soon]

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